Our Team

The directors at Wealth by Design have a combined experience of 25 years in the international real estate market.
Together they launched Wealth by Design to help clients make the right decisions when buying overseas real estate investments.

Our directors have worked with many of the world's top developers and are able to provide international investors with the necessary knowledge to make correct decisions on every investment.

- DEAN OAKFORD - Director

+60 17 284-4205
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- MIKA POPP - Director

+60 11 5143-0860
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Our Services

We offer International Property Investing, International Property Investment Advice and Contract Advice:

International Real Estate Agency

Want to know where the best place to invest is right now? Come and meet one of our directors to find out what the market can offer you. Whether you are retirement planning, saving for your children's education or just looking to earn an extra passive income we have specialised investment packages designed for you.

Free Education Seminars

Wealth by Design offers free seminars to educate investors about how to identify good and bad investments in the international marketplace.

Free Contract Analysis

About to make an investment? Why not let our expert team analyse your contracts with you to identify any hidden clauses before you invest. The service is free so you have nothing to lose.

Our Investments

Our investments are carefully handpicked and thoroughly analysed to ensure our clients choose from only the best possible opportunities available on the market. Our due diligence procedures are comprehensive and as a result of our experience in the market, we know exactly how to separate the good from the bad.

Wealth by Design offers a mixture of residential and commercial property investments starting from just RM 100,000. We cover the UK, Australia, USA, Dubai, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Germany.