UK Buy to Rent Residential

UK Zero Money Down Residential

Buy UK property with 0% deposit and pay with monthly instalments:

Property Investment Highlights

  • £60,000 entry
  • Buy with 0% down payment. Pay the first 50% monthly over two years, and the second 50% is paid by collection of rent.
  • Great developer track record with 20+ developments completed to date
  • 7-9% capital appreciation per annum
  • 25-30% yield per annum

Why invest in Rent to Buys?

(02:08 duration)

Find out why developer Prosperity Wealth have been so successful and how the payment plans work.

Buy UK property with Zero money down

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Find out how to buy a UK property with Zero money down.


  1. How does the payment process work?
    The developer, Prosperity Wealth, offers two different payment plans:
    • The first 50% of the property value is collected via monthly payments. Upon completion of the development, you receive your title deed and keys from Prosperity. You can then choose to pay off the second 50% with cash or through the collection of rent over a number of years at 0% interest. Prosperity will let the property for you and deduct the monthly rentals from your balance.
    • Or you pay 30% deposit in cash followed by a 70% mortgage which Prosperity Wealth will organise for you.
  2. What is the cheapest property you have?
    Approximately £60,000.
  3. How many developments has developer Prosperity Wealth completed to date?
    22 with another 8 due for completion by 2019.
  4. What are my tax implications?
    If you purchase a residential property under £100,000, you are not liable for Capital Gains tax as a foreign buyer. Income tax will depend on where you are from.

    For example, if you are from Malaysia, you will receive a 0% income tax rate on your first £11,600 profit earned from your property every year. If you are from Singapore, you are charged a flat 20% on all income starting from £1.

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