Secured UK Developer Programme

Invest directly with the Developer at the earliest, most profitable point.

Property Investment Highlights

  • Starting from only £25,000
  • Up to 12% yield per annum return
  • Secured, fully asset backed investment
  • Assured return with a fixed exit point
  • Extensive developer track record with outstanding achievement
  • Range of locations throughout high performing UK sectors
  • Government regulated trustee
  • Unparalleled opportunity to partner directly with first class developer

Become the Developer

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Want a property investment that doesn't require any of the hassle? Partner with a UK developer today and make up to 18% returns in just 18 months.


  1. What is a loan note?
    A loan note is a financial instrument which evidences the existence of a debt between a borrower (issuer) and one or more lenders (noteholder(s)) and the promise by the issuer to repay the amounts outstanding under the loan note to the noteholder(s). It provides details such as the loan amount, repayment dates and terms.
  2. What does debenture over high street commercial finance limited mean?
    It is a form of security in favour of the lender which attaches to all current and future assets of the company and is not restricted to land alone.
  3. How is the investment secured?
    The investment is secured by way of a loan agreement, debenture over high street commercial finance and corporate guarantee from the high street group
  4. When is the start date of the interest calculated from?
    Interest is calculated from date of issue of the loan note until the redemption date on a fixed annual basis.
  5. Can i invest as a company and are joint applications allowable?
    Yes, company investment or joint applications can be accepted.
  6. Will details of where the money is being investment be provided and can i monitor company performance?
    The loan note will be used to provide equity for the delivery of our Private Rental Sector programmes and Rooftop Development opportunities. The company will provide investors within the loan note with monthly updates on all ongoing and potential projects.

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